Framing Stories

Contessa with Squid 2

I framed this print as a anniversary gift for my wife. She had seen the original at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and fell in love with it.

The staff at Framing Arts was very helpful and easy to work with. Their suggestions and ideas really took this artwork to the next level.

— Jeremiah Timm quote

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Rob and Beth's corkscrews

The corkscrews were gifted to us and we were so touched, we had to frame them to hang in our cellar.

We have reframed / rematted almost every piece we own. Framing Arts has given new life to many family sentimental pieces. It has been an awesome experience working with Christina!!  Her eye for color, texture and detail is spot on!

   — Beth Berksen  quote

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Whenever I’m in Venice I always go back to the Acadamia to see if one of my favorite artists, Max, is still there. This time I bought this small oil painting.

When I entered Framing Arts with the intent of framing it — I immediately spotted this moulding and said “that’s it!”. It turned out beautifully.

— Beth Sawatzky  quote

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I chose to frame these items to preserve them and to commemorate my 20 years of service as a CHP officer.  The photo is the original photo taken of me for the official records.  My career gun was given to me by my grandmother, who paid $53.00 for it, on my graduation from the CHP Academy.   The name plate featured is given every two years  to those officers  who have no wrecks for so many miles and for staying healthy.

The framing is outstanding.  I never knew someone could do something like this. It is beautiful.

— Andy Devilbiss  quote

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We framed this print because we fell in love with it and knew we had the perfect spot for it in the family room. We came to Framing Arts because it is our favorite place to do framing. They do such a great job. The staff takes all sorts of time with us because we tend to have a hard time making decisions. They help us find the best possible solution to make the art look perfect.

–The Savin Family  quote

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Needlework - Ragtime Piano Man Framed Feb'15

I live in a small rural community with limited framing options and I wanted to be sure that the framing of this very special needlework was done professionally. ( This was the most challenging I have stitched because of the close and blended shades of greys and the intricate details; I worked on this over a two year period). I knew I had to take it out of town. I did an internet search. I found several professional framers in the northern bay area, but one website in particular made an impression: Framing Arts Of Healdsburg. I called and spoke with the owner, Kevin, who told me about their shop and informed me that their framer, Christina, has been in the shop for 18 years and has framed needlework pieces for artists who show. That was the reassurance I needed, and I paid visit to the shop to have a look. I saw a diverse array of framed artwork on the walls, and a wide selection of framing materials. And Kevin’s a nice man. I was confident I had found my new professional framer.

Framing needlework is a unique process, requiring blocking and stretching, and it’s a challenge to have the mat precisely  border the edges of the piece. In addition to offering many choices for mats and frames (check out the frame we chose!), Christina demonstrated her expertise in framing needlework. She is an artist in her own right.

Great customer service, a bounty of materials, a knowledgeable staff, and professional production for a reasonable price- and I’ll be back. Thank you Framing Arts of Healdsburg.

  –Carol Stump  quote

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Picture 002

I purchased this painting from the artist because it is of one of the places we love to hike. A great painting deserves great framing. The artist, Thomas Creed, suggested Framing Arts and I belive in supporting local shops. I am very pleased with the way my painting turned out

 -Karen Alves      quote

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My husband died recently, he and my grandson, Matt, were very close.  They were best of friends from the time Matt was very young.  Matt and grandfather loved each other deeply.  Matt is graduating from High School, so I brought in my husband’s distinguished medals to have them framed as a gift to Matt. I think it will mean a lot for Matt to have them.

Framing Arts has always done such a wonderful job on my projects.   I had no idea how to arrange the medals or what materials to use, to best display them.  Kevin and Christina gave me great advice as to the different options.  Picking up my order today, Framing Arts has exceeded my expectations.  Christina has a fantastic eye and did a beautiful job on this piece.  She added a groove detail in the mat which gives it a nice touch.  Thrilled! Thrilled! Thrilled! (It’s too bad you don’t have audio on your website, so people could hear how happy I am). It’s absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

— Patty Melim  quote

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Lois Wigdahl

“I always bring my needlepoint to Framing Arts. I love the way Christina frames my art!”

— Lois Wigdahl  quote

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Doug Pepe

“I first visited Yosemite National Park in 1960 on a family summer vacation. For a kid from Indiana, the western national parks were magical. Yosemite in particular created lifelong memories. When I saw this iconic photo of Half Dome, I knew it was worth having framed to be enjoyed by all who see it. Framing Arts was the perfect place to have this photo framed. Kevin is totally knowledgeable, the selection and choices are extensive, and the process of arriving at the final product was enjoyable. Kevin does a great job of listening and offering ideas. I highly recommend Framing Arts.

— Doug Pepe  quote

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Mike Burroughs

“My friend who teaches 4th grade is also a great artist and we have known each other since grade school. When he heard I had cancer he painted this for me to lift my spirits. Another great friend owns “Framing Arts of Healdsburg” with his lovely wife. Kevin and Elizabeth grabbed the painting and framed it for me. Wow! What a fantastic gift! Such a nice piece of work beautifully finished! Thank you Andy, Kevin and Elizabeth. I get to look at this everyday and think of my friends and it all works…… Art does this. If you have a meaningful piece of art and want to make it more meaningful, Framing Arts of Healdsburg is simply amazing. Thank you friends. Strong as bamboo.

— Mike Burroughs  quote

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