What does Custom Framing cost?

The price varies widely with size, framing procedures used, and design elements chosen for your particular art piece. We recommend appropriate procedures, explain their benefits as well as offer design options to enhance your artwork. We are very willing and happy to give quotes, absolutely free of charge. So, bring your artwork into the shop and explore your options!

How long does framing take?

On the average, framing requires ten working days depending on materials needed. Some things can take less time if we have the supplies in-house.

Will you frame my artwork using a frame I bring to you?

Absolutely. We are very happy to use a frame or framing materials you may already have.

Why do I need a dry mount?

The dry mount procedure is used to adhere your print or poster to a stable backing board. Despite glass and backing support, without dry mounting your art will ripple as it expands and contracts with the changes of temperature and humidity in your home.

Why do frames cost more than pictures?

Framing costs cannot be adjusted depending on the value of the artwork. The framing of more costly art is negligible in comparison; but, your $30 poster framed in a $100 frame would probably cost much more as a completed project if you purchased it that way in a gallery or department store.

Do you frame needlework?

Yes. We frame all types of needlework including cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel, tapestry, and all types of fabric art.

Do you have ready-made frames?

Yes! In many styles and sizes. We make certain to have the perfect sizes on hand to fit your documents, photos, standard canvases, pre-matted art, album covers and more.

Do you have pre-cut mats?

Lacking the space to stock all the sizes it would take to accommodate all needs, we instead keep in stock a wide range of color of mats to cut to your exact specifications on the same day.

Do you repair damaged art?

We do not do repairs. What we can do is refer you to the best art restorers in the area.

Do you repair damaged frames?

Yes, with pleasure. We can repair frames whose corners have pulled apart over time or replace broken glass. Also we refit previously framed pieces with acid-free conservation materials.

Do you ship?

Yes. We use U.P.S.